Master Business Suite

Founded and designed by certified and accounting professionals, MASTERITEC Business Suite is the perfect accounting software to accommodate your business operations in every way!

By targeting to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of your business, particularly from the cost aspect, the multi-application software is one of the best options you can implement to secure the ROI and ensure the business is on the correct pathway. 

In addition to proven scalability, security and utilization of leading technology, value-added financial solutions from MASTERITEC include:

  • Delivery of timely, consistent, accurate and better quality financial data and analysis
  • Standardization and streamlining of processes with a single integrated system which cater wide range of requirement thereby improving controls and corporate governance
  • Proven best practices and utilization of best technology in our financial services solution to successfully support various industries of clients
  • Secure but flexible application architecture for integration to client back-end systems

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User Friendly

It does not take a genius to master the system. If you know to send a text via Blackberry, the system is as simple as ABC. In conclusion, you can rest assured to focus on planning your business instead of wasting time in configuring the software or maintaining the system. 

Real-Time Data Integration

Up-to-date data is crucial in business operations nowadays, considering the pace of the market trend is changing. Ergo, real-time data integration is one of the advantages that you'll value from our software. In addition, the information is presented in customized reporting method which is more understandable for users. 

Reliable Support Team

From simple navigation walkthrough and software configuration up to free software upgrade, MASTERITEC promise to provide constant support in ensuring the system availability because we understand how precious the accounting data could contribute to your business.


MySQL Database Technology

Based on the fact that MySQL® database has become the world's most popular open source database – 6 million users, you can totally rely on our system to provide you with fast and accurate information in conjunction with your business needs.