"MASTERITEC BUSINESS SUITE" the software has been developed by a team of IT talents and experienced Chartered Accountant as well as Tax Agents; with the integrate of the knowledge of the expertise bundle into the software was developed in such a ways that akin to the requirement of our client business operation.
The software consists of accounting system & stock systems also POS (Point-of-Sales) system. The accounting systems is split is into 4 books called (cash book, purchase day book, sale day book and journal book) also knows as Primary books.


Our aimed is to develop value added software that brings to our valuable customers in achieving the 3E (Economy, Effectiveness, and Efficiency). By using our software it can helps our client to produce an accuracy data that provide information to the management in planning, monitoring and controlling in its business operation.

User Friendly

It can be defined precisely, even from a single button to a major display screen. You are the MASTER of the system as it guides you with simple English rather than complex computer jargon. This way, you save huge support cost in long run and minimize interruption in work of every department.

Real Accounting Approach

Traditional formats and real accounting approaches are embedded together with advances information technology into the system. Reporting has been made easier to understand for non-accounting or non-business employees. All modules in MASTERITEC BUSINESS SUITE are fully integrated, it mean that when you update the data into the system, all the related transaction will be update simultaneous.

Reliable Professional Support Team

Our team members are not only experts in programming but also constituted by Chartered Accountants, Qualified Tax Agents and business Consultants. Their invaluable experiences understand your financial information requirements in every details.